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A transformational journey. LifeWorks becomes TELUS Health. Visit our About Us page to learn more.

Specialized mental health and addiction programs prevent absence, disability and workplace performance issues by guiding employees toward recovery 

Diverse, custom services build resilience in employees 

Mental health and addiction issues require long-term, specialized and often intensive levels of care. They are focused on early intervention and skill-building for sustained recovery. Our expertise and continuum of care means your people have faster access, quality programs, and better outcomes. 

Employees working in large open concept office

Three industry-leading programs that cut costs through early intervention and focused care 

Employees receive support and employers mitigate risk through access to specialists for assessment and recommendations that best reflect that person’s needs and situation.  

If an employee is experiencing performance issues, companies can connect them to professional assessment and counselling to overcome challenges and restore their confidence and abilities. 

Your organization is at significant risk with employee drug and alcohol abuse. American companies experience billions of dollars in lost productivity due to employee impairment, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. 

Improving lives. Improving business.

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