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Workplace Learning solutions help you build a more resilient workplace culture for the future of work

Having a resilient workplace culture matters

Resilient cultures are built on three key pillars:

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Creating a mentally healthy workplace

Maintaining a strong focus on the mental health and wellbeing of employees and leaders.

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Respect, diversity and inclusion

Ensuring respect, diversity and inclusion
at the heart of everything an organization does.

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Effective leadership

Equipping leaders at all levels with the skills and tools to support their teams and lead organizational change.

Resilient organizations are more adaptive, agile and can sustain their competitive advantage over time. They are better positioned to overcome disruptions and challenges, as well as helping employees manage their wellbeing and emotional stress.

Resilient organizations use workplace learning strategically

To build a resilient culture and achieve your organizational goals, your teams and leaders need to build critical skills and competencies. That means learning must become part of your strategic planning using both internal and external insights:

  • Insights into the future of work

  • Employee expectations and engagement

  • Your own organization’s needs and goals around leadership skills, mental health and wellbeing

Effective workplace learning is not a series of "one-and-done" events; rather, it is an ongoing strategic effort to create behavior change, drive employee engagement, and achieve organizational goals.

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Why choose Workplace Learning solutions

We’re able to confidently help you do all of this because:

As a global leader in mental health and wellbeing, we’re the only learning provider that puts wellbeing and resiliency at the heart of every program. We ensure they drive behavior change that you expect.

Our insights from mental health research and your employee assistance programs give us an ability to understand your unique business and people challenges and customize our learning solutions to fit your specific needs.

Our learning consultants are a trusted part of your team; they work with you to develop your resilient culture strategy and recommend learning solutions that fit you best.

By focusing on building a more resilient culture, you will be able to:

  • Create a productive, mentally healthy work environment
  • Build a respectful, diverse and inclusive workplace
  • Attract and retain talent

Look at our award-winning programs to build your resilient workplace culture.

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Workplace Learning Presents 

A thought leadership series with trusted experts, brought to you by TELUS Health (formerly LifeWorks)

Preventing Burnout: Promoting mental wellbeing at work banner image
Preventing Burnout: Promoting mental wellbeing at work.

We invite you to celebrate Mental Health Week and Mental Health Awareness Month with us. Join us for a virtual, interactive fireside chat on Preventing Burnout: Promoting mental wellbeing at work.

Our distinguished speaker, Melissa Doman, MA - Organizational Psychologist, Former Clinical Mental Health Therapist, & Author, will tackle why some companies (intentionally or not) create organizational cultures of burnout. She will share her realistic approach on the role of the organization in preventing cultures of burnout and the importance of employee responsibility to actively manage individual mental health.

Paula Allen, Global Leader and SVP, Research and Total Wellbeing at TELUS Health (formerly LifeWorks), will explore data that highlights the decline in employee mental health, and how new solutions like, TELUS Total Mental Health, are designed to support the mental health needs for today's workforce.

May 3rd 1 pm EST

Improving lives. Improving business.