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Use gamification to motivate and engage employees 

Woman doing yoga in her living room

Create positive behavioral change for your people through corporate and individual challenges such as:

  • Nutrition 

  • Weight management 

  • Mental wellbeing 

  • Activity-based challenges 

  • Financial wellbeing 

  • Healthy habits 

  • Fitness tracker challenges integrated with wearable tracking technology that facilitates participation 

Mobile Screenshot: Wellbeing Challenges
Physical wellbeing: feel guided

Take a proactive approach to wellness that inspires action. Fitness challenges, snackable wellbeing content, and seamless integration with wearable technology will motivate, energize and inspire your team to be healthy and happy. 

Mobile Screenshot: Total Wellbeing Assessment
Provide engaging health assessments

Enable employees to fully understand their current state of health across key risk areas such as general health, physical activity and emotional stress. Learn about positive lifestyle changes with data-driven, personalized recommendations, tips and resources – all based on the assessments’ results. 

Mobile Screenshot: Connect to wearable technology seamlessly
Connect to wearable technology seamlessly

Meet employees where they are, drive participation and deliver verifiable results through fitness tracker challenges that sync with wearable tracking technology.

Reward healthy behavior

Use progress-based incentives that reward employees for making meaningful progress toward health goals. 

  • This is not a static model approach – by incentivizing consistent behavior change you help reinforce and inspire action

  • Access to specially-curated wellness rewards that inspire motivation

Keep your people motivated and healthy with health coaching 

Mobile Screenshot: Wellbeing Rewards
Weight management

Our health coaches can help participants develop healthy eating habits for life by setting realistic weight loss goals. 

Smoking cessation 

Understand tobacco use and dependency and empower users to work through the process to quit – for life. 

Stress management

Designed to help users become more aware of their stress, acquire coping skills, and learn how to break down seemingly overwhelming tasks into actionable steps. 

Sleep hygiene

Tools and information supporting participants improve their sleep, mitigate the effects of sleep deficiency, examine their sleep habits, identify personal barriers and obstacles to rest and, finally, set achievable objectives for lasting behavior change. 

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