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Support wellbeing

Improving lives while improving your organization is not only possible, it’s imperative to remain viable and competitive. With a holistic approach that helps people meet the challenges they face in their work and their lives, become healthier, and achieve a more secure future, better overall wellbeing is within your organization’s reach.

Positively impact your organization and community

When people feel supported with the tools and resources they need to improve their overall wellbeing, they perform better at work and in their personal lives. Leading organizations understand that actively supporting wellbeing is an effective strategy that helps you reach objectives, create a better culture, improve productivity and provide solutions for better community wellbeing.

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Encourage healthier, happier, more productive people with our Total Wellbeing solution

Challenges both inside and outside the workplace impact employees, resulting in disengagement, lack of community, loneliness and poor health. Ultimately, the wellbeing of your employees affects your workplace and business performance, potentially resulting in higher turnover, high absenteeism and lost productivity. Traditional Employee Assistance Programs have a utilization rate of less than 5%, only reaching a few employees who raise their hand and ask for help, while modern Employee Assistance Programs that embrace the digital experience support 100% of employees proactively. Help your employees feel supported, guided, connected, recognized and rewarded with the LifeWorks Total Wellbeing Platform.

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Personalized wellness services accurately identify and address risks and challenges

To provide the most effective resources available to help improve wellbeing, your organization needs tools to accurately identify the health risks and challenges they face. Enable employees to fully understand their current state of health across key risk areas such as general health, physical activity and emotional stress. Then take a proactive approach to wellness that inspires action, with fitness challenges, snackable wellness content, and a seamless integration with wearable technology that will motivate, energize and inspire your team to be healthy and happy. The LifeWorks Total Wellbeing Platform uses progress-based incentives that reward employees for making meaningful progress toward health goals.

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Address the wide-ranging impact of problem gambling with Responsible Gambling services

Problem gambling is an increasing issue that affects not only financial wellbeing, but mental health, family life, productivity at work, and more. Successfully address these issues with our Responsible Gambling solutions that include prevention services to reduce the increasing incidence of problem gambling, especially for young adults. Whether you have a need to provide these solutions to the general public, employees within the gaming industry or otherwise, we can help people gain better financial wellbeing, cope while on the job, and improve their work and home lives.

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Benefits Administration for healthier, more secure participants

When benefits administration is confusing and hard to navigate, participants feel frustrated and unsupported as they make decisions about their health and finances. Overall wellbeing suffers, with wide-ranging negative effects on your organization. LifeWorks creates a better participant experience that makes it easier to utilize the mix of benefits that are offered, with tools that drive timely, healthy benefits choices. When participants have a more positive benefits administration experience, satisfaction increases along with improved productivity, so everyone wins.

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A full offering of integrated supplemental and lifestyle benefits employees love

Every employee is unique. Why not offer benefits that enable them to customize additional coverages to satisfy their unique needs and lifestyles? LifeWorks provides voluntary benefits designed to change and grow with your organization’s needs. We continuously add new products to our integrated, end-to-end solution for supplemental and lifestyle benefits and employee discounts. With an option for a customized employer sponsored group voluntary benefits package or an off-the-shelf digital lifestyle benefits marketplace, we’ve got you covered and can deliver the products and services that employees want most.

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Better Pension Administration for better financial wellbeing

The complexity of pension administration plan designs and requirements can make for difficult ongoing management. The wide diversity of participants coupled with an environment of constantly changing legislation and regulations make delivering a better experience for participants very challenging. LifeWorks provides you the tools and resources that create a better participant interaction and utilization, helping them achieve a more secure financial future while increasing satisfaction.

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Assist students with our Student Support Program

The new environments, experiences, and responsibilities faced by students can lead to many challenges that can diminish mental health and performance. Assist your students to successfully navigate physical, mental, and cultural challenges in their own language and cultural context with our Student Support Program. We integrate with your existing campus programs and enable your institution to help students achieve success, health, and retention.

Enable greater wellbeing at your organization