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A transformational journey. LifeWorks becomes TELUS Health. Visit our About Us page to learn more.

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Support your complexity in supporting the mental, financial, physical, and social wellbeing of your people. 
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Our services are designed to support the total wellbeing of employees across the continuum of care


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We keep your employees healthy and at work

Preventing turnover, absenteeism, and lost productivity is simple when your employees are engaged and supported with TELUS Health's (formerly LifeWorks) solutions. 

Not all Employee Assistance Programs are the same. Our modern and mobile programs provide employees with personalized support, inside and outside the office. 

It’s not easy to find help. We strip away barriers to support with programs that include 24/7 access to evidence-based therapy. 

The Mental Health Index Report Highlights

  • 67% EFAP users report improved productivity

  • 63% Would have been absent from work if not for EFAP

  • 95% Would use EFAP again 

Reports & ebooks

The Mental Health Index provides a measure of the current mental health status of employed adults in a given geography...


Helping employees return to work 

Rising rates of absenteeism and disability mean specialized care is needed to keep a workforce strong and productive. 

Leader in absence and disability management

Our modern technology and clinical expertise target common causes of absenteeism, helping your employees get back to work sooner. 

Learn about Workplace Absence & Disability Management

Reducing complexity

We help make sense of complex cases and medical issues while our workers’ compensation and disability teams help you mitigate risk and maximize savings.

Learn about Workers' Compensation

Providing financial stability across the career lifecycle 

Support employees with plans that fit their lifestyle today, tomorrow and into retirement. 

Proactive retirement planning

Our unique approach to training and professional support lets employees understand their group retirement programs and benefits.

Personalized health benefits plan administration

Our one-stop shop offers a simple platform where employees confidently set their own strategies. 

Take control of your business 


We strip away the complexities and give you the data to control risk, stay compliant and build a reputation as a great place to work. 

Stay focused on your operations while we monitor your compliance, investment performance and actuarial services. 

Lead your industry with dynamic HR solutions that attract, retain and engage current and future employees.


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Health outcomes matter. Health prevention matters.

TELUS Health (formerly LifeWorks) helps keep your employees productive as long as possible. 

Case Studies


With one in three people now at high risk in their mental health, employee mental health has become a key priority for organizations - yet many still lack adequate tools to support employees on their path to better mental health and wellbeing.


Discover seven ways HR leaders can ensure remote employees feel as connected to your company as onsite workers. Get this must-have guide here. 


Improving lives. Improving business.