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Responsible Gambling

The US gaming industry is ever-growing and evolving. Most recently, the dramatic increase of online gaming means more people have access to gaming. Problem gambling is a reality for 2-4% of Americans, with young adults developing gambling problems often at a rate two to three times higher than adults.

Problem gambling has wide-ranging impact from financial to mental health issues, affecting family members, friends, coworkers, and employers. The good news is that the concept of Responsible Gambling continues to grow and evolve in an effort to protect players and promote responsible play.

Clinically driven, award-winning, and customizable solutions


From prevention to administration to crisis intervention, we can build a program that best fits your needs. Our success is built on over 30 years of clinical best practice and innovation experience that have led to award-winning results. We continue to expand our Responsible Gambling solutions to answer the distinct needs of different industry sectors and populations. Our experience and expertise means you work with an industry leader to see results and improve lives.

Helping gamblers and loved ones for over 20 years
Trusted collaborative partners
Specific services for public, private and non-profit sectors
Full range of tailored services
Over 30 years of clinical experience
Designed for specific language and cultural needs
Problem Gambling & Specialized Helpline Services

Our multichannel, multilingual helpline services are available 24/7 for problem gamblers and concerned others. Callers immediately connect with a counselor who understands the impact of problem gambling.

Call To Change™ Case Management Program

Case Management and Relapse Prevention Support Program that provides phone counseling for problem gamblers and their families.

Clinical and Responsible Gambling Training

Our Clinical Training increases treatment provider capabilities and our Responsible Gambling Training engages all stake­holders working within the gambling industry. In-person and webinar options available.

On-site Information Center Operations

Operation and staffing of on-site Responsible Gambling Information Centers directly on casino gaming floors.

Prevention and Public Awareness Programs

Our Public Awareness Programs include plan development, promotional materials, and website and social media management. To increase prevention, we offer evidence-based programs for students teaching the facts and risks about gambling.

Program Administration

We offer full Program Administration of state funded treatment programs. Our services include everything from authorization of clinical sessions to reimbursement of services and everything in between.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) for the Gambling Industry

Customized EAPs for gaming organizations and employees to address the specific risks and issues industry employees may encounter.

Award-winning programs and results


Our commitment to providing high-quality clinically driven, impactful Responsible Gambling solutions is recognized in the industry. We are proud to have been awarded special recognition of our demonstrated expertise and excellence:

  • 2016: Joanna Franklin Award for Direct Service from the National Council on Problem Gambling
  • 2014: Innovative Treatment and Outreach Award from the California Office of Problem Gambling
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