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To ensure timeliness, reduce the number of follow-up questions, and elicit accurate cost and time estimates, utilize this RFP checklist to help guarantee the outcomes your organization desires from the RFP process.

Creating an RFP is often a daunting task that requires a huge investment of time. Don’t let your investment go to waste. This guide explores the top ways to extract the most value from your RFP process.

Employee benefits administration is difficult to navigate in simple settings, let alone the complex landscape of a multiple-employer organization. To deliver value, multiple-employer organizations must confront mounting challenges in the years ahead.

From stepping confidently into full-fledged digitization to redefining core operating processes, organizations are ready to rebuild, beginning with employee populations.


When choosing a benefits administration platform, the more complex the business, the more difficult the selection process can be. Multiple-employer organizations especially face drastically different priorities and challenges compared to employer groups.

LifeWorks offers one system that provides full benefits administration management for all plan participants.

Discover how LifeWorks offers the most straightforward benefits administration experience possible in this 2-minute video

The best way to ensure that your solution supports a more efficient benefits administration delivery model is by selecting a partner with the experience and resources to align their solution with your benefits and business goals.