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Download our latest whitepaper which outlines the six primary risks and strategies for mitigation and learn how LifeWorks can help.

This presentation explains what a DEX is, why it is important and 10 steps for prioritizing yours, especially through your employee benefits program, which sets the tone for employee experience.

Find out the eight things great benefits experiences get right — and if yours hits the mark — in this quick guide.

The most competitive companies are offering voluntary benefits to their employees. But if your employees don’t know or remember the additional benefits you are offering them, do they even count?

The University of Idaho knew the importance of having a comprehensive selection of voluntary benefits to help attract and retain a multigenerational and diverse workforce. They turned to LifeWorks to help add more value for their employees by introducing a full suite of voluntary benefits.

If there was one solution for offering your employees more job satisfaction while improving recruitment and retention, you would do it, right?

Transitioning to a new benefits admin partner requires a thorough plan and seamless execution in order to minimize disruptions and ensure data integrity. See the five stages of a smooth transition.

The secret for successful ben admin transitions? Prepare ahead of time. This implementation checklist provides the perfect starting point to feel comfortable regarding the time and resources needed.