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Support your employees during major life events with integrated benefits administration

Life brings ups and downs — from the joy of a wedding to the sadness of a death in the family. Major events impact the lives of your employees, and there are specific ways companies can provide optimum support. For example, your organization can make accessing pension, healthcare and voluntary benefits as easy as possible, giving employees one less thing to worry about during these life events.

Your employees are not just your workers. They are people with lives outside of work and they will experience events that are both positive and challenging. Showing respect for them at every juncture will help them make smoother transitions.

7 life events your employees need support with most

Callout: There are seven major events in your employees’ lives where employer support is paramount — starting a new job, getting married, having a baby, divorcing, going on disability, retiring and death
  • Starting a new job: Being hired by your company will be one of your employees’ major life events — and the most significant when it comes to their benefits. Getting enrolled in your healthcare, pension and voluntary benefits can be a daunting task. But the process is significantly streamlined when they deal with just one benefits administrator for all services. This often means that the same data only has to be entered one time and they only have to speak to one person.
  • Getting married: When your employees get married, it means they are adding a new person to every facet of their lives. This often means they may add their spouse to their health insurance plan and as a beneficiary to their pension plan. Making two identical phone calls to share the same information with two different benefits specialists risks annoying them at a time in their lives when they deserve to feel nothing but joy.
  • Giving birth or adopting: The addition of a new baby or child into a family, either through giving birth or adoption, is a life-changing experience. New parents often feel a mix of joy and fear. They want the best for their child and know that raising a child can be a bumpy road. One avoidable pothole is a complicated process for getting their child added to their health insurance plan, as a beneficiary on their pension plan, or to use voluntary benefits.
  • Divorcing a spouse: Among the leading stressful events in a person’s life is the prospect of divorce, an experience nearly 750,000 couples go through each year. There’s nothing pleasant about the process, and it can leave your employee feeling a combination of anger, depression and despair. Among the many tasks they must undertake is getting their ex-spouse removed from their healthcare plan and as a beneficiary of their pension. This can be made infinitely easier on them if they only need to talk to one benefits administrator instead of two.
  • Going on disability: Dealing with a disability in life is emotionally challenging. The unknown is as scary as the known. Employees dealing with a disability need to understand their benefits and how to access support services. In many cases, this could involve tapping into their voluntary benefits as well as their traditional healthcare coverage. To gain the best outcome requires a call center representative with a deep understanding of the organization’s benefit plans and how to access them. Also critical is knowing how to lend emotional support to employees throughout the entire process.
  • Retirement: Each year, 2 to 3 million Baby Boomers retire in the U.S. The transition from work life to retirement is something employees often look forward to, but it’s fraught with risks, especially when it comes to making significant changes to healthcare insurance, pensions and voluntary benefits. Because it’s such a huge transition involving complex processes, retiring employees often need a lot of handholding to effectively traverse the often difficult process. Having highly experienced agents who are experts will go a long way to improve participant satisfaction.
  • Death: From a benefits standpoint, the grieving survivors of your employee need specialized support to manage the multiple processes related to employee benefits. Dealing with one provider for healthcare and pension services, who also has advocates clinically trained in handling death support services for survivors, can help ease the burden considerably.

One thing that makes your employees’ access to benefits during these life events easier is choosing one single benefits administration provider, rather than different service vendors for each benefit plan. Unfortunately, working with more than one vendor can result in disjointed experiences that leave both HR personnel and employees frustrated. However, only having to interact with one provider for these sensitive issues can make the experience much easier for everyone.

Callout: HR teams feel more confident about helping employees manage their benefits through serious life events when they only work with one benefits administration partner

They gain simplicity, service speed, and better outcomes, which enables human resources to provide better support for employees. They gain confidence knowing that employees are going to get the attention they need.

LifeWorks provides benefits administration for healthcare insurance, disability and voluntary benefits programs, as well as pension administration, on one platform. Our specialists are deeply experienced in helping employees through all life events. We provide specially trained counselors who can help your employees navigate the challenges in preparing for and managing retirement as well as the death claims process that survivors must go through.

No matter what life events your employees face, you can be assured that your employees will gain access to the best benefits support with LifeWorks. Contact us to learn more.