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Your employees face a mental health crisis

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Your employees face a mental health crisis

September 22, 2022

The way we understand mental health in the workplace shifted dramatically in recent years. The combined pressures of the Covid-19 pandemic and the social, political and economic challenges that accompanied it have significantly impacted mental health in the population.

1 in 3

people now qualify as high risk in their mental health.

4 in 5

managers indicate they have dealt with a mental health issue with at least one employee.

More than

of working individuals have experienced at least one major sign of burnout in the past two years.

While our understanding of mental health issues has increased and stigma around treatment has decreased, organizations and individuals still lack effective solutions to manage and monitor mental health. This leads to lower productivity, absenteeism and loss of a qualified workforce.

Mental health issues endemic in the workforce

The pandemic and the move to digital working has led to a rapid decline in mental health in North America, making mental health problems endemic in the workforce.

Mental Health Index found that more than one third of employees believe the pandemic has had a negative impact on their ongoing mental health and nearly half are feeling more sensitive to stress in 2022. At the same time, scores for depression, work productivity, isolation and anxiety continue to decline.

People need mental health support now more than ever - but the support available to them is often inadequate, lacking the depth, consistency and level of personalized care that individuals need to make a meaningful difference to their mental health.

Addressing mental health in organizations

Though the state of mental health in the workforce is concerning, many individuals now realize the importance of building resiliency and taking care of their mental health in a proactive, continuous way.

According to the Mental Health Index, workers who felt their mental wellbeing was supported by their employer during the pandemic have the highest mental health scores, scoring more than 6 points higher than the national average. What’s more, 81% of employees report that they’d prefer to work for companies that actively provide support for mental health concerns.

Organizations that provide holistic, long-term mental health solutions for their workforce stand to benefit in both employee retention and talent acquisition. By investing in robust mental health support, organizations can get ahead by securing the mental health of their existing workforce and attracting new talent committed to prioritizing mental health in their careers.

Investing in comprehensive mental health care

While traditional Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) can play an essential role in employee mental health, they are designed to offer short-term, solution-focused care. More complex and specific mental health challenges require longer-term, personalized solutions that include specialty care plans tailored to every individual. This is especially important as more people are experiencing severe mental health challenges, with over 60% of employees now feeling the impact of work and personal stress. The key to generating change in organizations is blending digital tools and human touch to provide the mental health support that employees desperately need.

Total Mental Health is a comprehensive mental health solution offering immediate, unlimited care for every individual from the world’s trusted leader in workplace mental health. It is a hyper-personalized care plan utilizing counseling, health coaching, insights from the program and more. All care is guided by a clinical specialist that coordinates the progression of care plans on an individual’s distinct needs, so every employee can follow their own path to better mental health. 

For organizations, Total Mental Health is a commitment to improving employee mental health, offering best-in-class integrated clinical care through one digital avenue. By blending innovative digital tools with unparalleled clinical expertise, organizations now have the chance to reach every employee with personalized mental health care to improve their life and work. 

Total Mental Health is the best choice for organizations looking to make the greatest positive impact on their people's mental health.