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The Mental Health Index™ report: May 2022

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The Mental Health Index™ report: May 2022

June 23, 2022

The mental health of working Americans has been strained for more than two years, suggesting the emergence of a lower baseline measure of mental health going forward.

  • At 69.4, the mental health of Americans remains nearly unchanged from the prior month.
  • 26% of Americans have a high mental health risk, 41% have a moderate mental health risk, and 34% have a low mental health risk.
  • Optimism, general psychological health, and financial risk scores have declined from April to May 2022.
  • Mental health scores improved in the Northeast and the Midwest while the South and Western United States saw declines in mental health.
  • After three consecutive months of poorer mental health scores, managers have moderately improved mental health, in line with non-managers and the national average.

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