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The Mental Health Index™ report: December 2022

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The Mental Health Index™ report: December 2022

January 26, 2023

The mental health of working Americans improved modestly in December yet remains at a level that is only slightly higher than the most distressing period of the pandemic.

  • At 69.5, the mental health of Americans improved more than half a point from the prior month.
  • 25% of Americans have a high mental health risk, 41% have a moderate mental health risk, and 34% have a low mental health risk.
  • Anxiety, isolation, and work productivity have been the lowest mental health sub-scores for eight consecutive months.
  • The mental health score of managers improved and is higher than the score of non-managers and the national average.
  • Despite a 0.3-point increase from November 2022, the Southern United States has the lowest mental health score whereas Northeast has the highest mental health score. Following two months of declines, the Midwest has a 1.5-point improvement in mental health

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