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Combining digital and human support for better mental health care

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Combining digital and human support for better mental health care

September 22, 2022

With one in three people now at high risk in their mental health, employee mental health has become a key priority for organizations - yet many still lack adequate tools to support employees on their path to better mental health and wellbeing.

New solutions that combine digital tools with a human touch offer organizations the chance to provide every individual with continuous, unlimited support and a personalized care plan to establish employee mental health as a top strategic priority.

Introducing immediate and unlimited care


According to the June 2022 Mental Health Index,


of working Canadians and


of working Americans have a moderate or high mental health risk - but more than


of people believe that mental health conditions can be treated.

Many individuals now recognize that taking care of their mental health is a continuous process that requires a proactive, long-term approach. Episodic, piecemeal and short term mental health care is not enough. At the same time, solutions that solely focus on digital support without human connection lack the depth that many employees need. To meet the complex and multi-layered mental health challenges employees face, employers need to provide their workforce with a holistic, highly specialized mental health solution.

Total Mental Health offers an alternative to the short-term, solution-focused scope of traditional EAPs. By blending comprehensive digital solutions with the human touch of an expert counselor via in-person, video and chat counseling sessions, employees have access to specialized, personalized care that maximizes impact for the treatment of distinct mental health issues. It offers immediate, unlimited and personal care that ensures employees receive the expert support they need, when they need it, 365 days of the year.

Personalized care plans

Unlike broad brush solutions to employee mental health, the future of mental health support is highly personalized. 

With Total Mental Health, digital tools help build a custom care plan for every individual through a series of questions, activities, homework and check-ins with regular opportunities for feedback. This creates a continual care process that tracks every user’s progress, empowering them to take an active role in their mental health journey while providing detailed insights to counselors and care coordination specialists who provide a human touch to connect with employees on a personal level.

Dr. Leigh Pava Wendtland, U.S. Senior Clinical Director at TELUS Health formerly LifeWorks explains:

“What we’re finding now is that the most effective modern workplace mental health care options are those that combine high technology with high touch. It’s not just setting someone off on their own to do the work. It’s also, at appropriate times, intersecting that work with the professionals who can help explain, clarify or support the individual as they’re walking through the journey.”
Dr. Leigh Pava Wendtland

At every step of the way, progress is reinforced and celebrated through digital insights and progress tracking. Every individual is able to make meaningful positive changes to their mental health - and celebrate their gains.

With Total Mental Health, mental health care doesn’t stop when a counseling session ends. Approachable, engaging digital tools encourage individuals to continue working on their mental health every day and take a proactive approach to their mental health and wellbeing.

This blend of digital and human elements creates a hyper-personalized, holistic mental health solution for every user. Total Mental Health is the only solution that evolves to meet your people’s needs on their unique mental health journey. Every individual is treated as an individual, with their own needs, challenges, preferences and progress. 

Trusted mental health care that makes an impact

By combining clinical expertise and the world’s largest counseling network with leading, innovative technology, Total Mental Health empowers every individual to take control of their mental health with a personalized plan that’s unique to them. 

For organizations and people leaders, the result is a transparent, continuous and comprehensive path to addressing employee mental health and maximizing every individual's chances of long term success. TELUS Health formerly LifeWorks is the most trusted workplace solution to address employees’ complex health needs and deliver the greatest positive impact.