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Ariel™ is your complete pension and benefits management, eligibility, enrollment and billing solution to enable total wellbeing

 We’ve invested over


spent so far in the development of our software.

ArielTM helps your teams
work smarter and faster  

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Ariel™ is an easy-to-use, intuitive platform that integrates seamlessly into your organization. Spend less time and money on administration with no expensive customization, large upfront costs, or infrastructure investment required. 

Use ArielTM to administer all types of pension, capital accumulation, and benefits plans.  


Key features:

  • Custom integration = maximum data integrity and minimum duplication of effort  
  • Administrator access to information, tools and insights  

  • Superior service delivery and attractive cost structure  

  • Self-service features to track benefits, manage life events, model retirement scenarios, and more 

  • Seamless integration with HR and payroll systems, including ERP platforms, payroll providers, proprietary platforms, data exchanges, and benefits vendors. 

  • Covers DB, DC and benefits administration 

  • Flexible and traditional benefits plans  

Custom reports and support  

Robust reporting capabilities mean easy, intuitive access to business intelligence and reports built for your specific needs.  

We also deliver individualized support that includes:  

  • Ongoing maintenance program  
  • Customer service, updates, support, and training for as long as you use our system 

  • Legislative technology updates to ensure your business is always compliant

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Flexibility to scale and adapt  

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Your business evolves and so should your technology. ArielTM makes it easy to add modules as your business needs change.

Even our service models are flexible. Choose what’s right for you:  

  • Software as a Service (SaaS): Eliminate worry about hardware, software and maintenance as your system sits on our secure servers
  • Custom install: Configured to your business requirements with unlimited functional support

  • Full outsourcing: Leverage our experienced resources to manage your administration with the support of leading-edge member self-service tools and contract centre

ArielTM at-a-glance

Our leading pension and benefits software features:  

  • A full range of self-service capabilities 

  • Self-assessment of practices, benchmarking 

  • Strengths, risks, insights and recommendations 

  • Audience-specific reporting 

  • Intuitive design, clean dashboards, easy navigation 
  • Integrated workflow engine to automate processes 
  • Branded online participant experience on any device 

  • 360-degree view of participant information across products and lifecycle

  • Administrator portal with management dashboard and reporting 

  • Seamless integration with existing technology systems 

  • Robust data security, quality and controls 

  • Flexibility to integrate other solutions as needed 

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