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Pension Administration

Our powerful pension administration solutions deliver advanced integrated technology for reliable, scalable, and more cost-effective operations.

Meet the challenges of complex pension administration

Your organization faces lower budgets, limited staff, complex plan designs, and a wide diversity of participants. All of this is in a rapidly changing environment of constant regulatory and legislative changes. To overcome these challenges, you need advanced technological and pension expertise in the highest performing solution.

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Experience the simplicity and power of our innovative pension administration solutions


Our solutions manage all of your complex plans and requirements. Our technology is rules-based, with integrated workflow capabilities. It streamlines and automates processes for efficient operations and improved productivity. Integration with your existing systems is easy, creating even more efficiencies.

The Ariel™ pension administration solution


We start by taking the time to understand your unique needs and goals, and then craft the pension solution that best fits your organization. Far from an out-of-the-box solution, Ariel is a full pension management solution with complete back-office and rules-based functionalities. Workflows and case management are built into an intuitive administrator user interface. Robust reporting capabilities mean you have easy access to business intelligence and reports. And, our technology is available based on your delivery model preference. Ariel maximizes administrative productivity and cost savings while enhancing participant experience.

Intuitive design and navigation
Highly configurable and designed to support complex organizations
Integrated workflow engine for consistent, automated processes
Fully branded online participant experience on any device with a full range of self-service capabilities
Holistic, 360-view of participant information across products and lifecycle
Administrator portal with comprehensive management dashboard and reporting
Seamless integration with your existing technology and infrastructure
Fully compliant with robust data security, quality and controls
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Proven implementation approach


Your organization has unique business requirements and technology specifications. Our phased implementation approach mitigates risks using proven processes, expert resources, and close collaboration. Through agile delivery, we implement compact, manageable building blocks with fixed time and resource allocation. We also offer flexibility around feature delivery. Each phase is delivered on time, every time, with minimal operational impact.

Optimized processes designed by pension administration experts


Our library of pension workflows covers the widest range of pension administration, including operations, life events, financial, batch processes, follow-ups and more. Workflows are driven by configurable business rules. A built-in quality assurance assistant manages calculation accuracy and data quality. This drives continuous workflow automation, reducing manual intervention and lowering execution time.

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