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Our Plan and Services - February 24, 2020 update

LifeWorks continues to monitor the progression of COVID-19, and the related advice from Public Health authorities. At this point, we have implemented all prudent precautions and none of our operations have been impacted. This includes the operations of our partner in Beijing, who has implemented multiple health protection and business continuity practices to ensure continued services to all clients.

Further, as a result of the impact of the COVID-19 we are supporting several organizations in the most impacted regions, including those who are not currently clients or do not currently have service from us in those regions. This support is offered through our First Access program. First Access is available in all our locations Globally, to address unique needs and offer counseling and traumatic event support to non-clients who are in need.

While the risk remains low in most regions at this point, health officials are indicating that it is prudent for both businesses and individuals to prepare for potential disruption if the risk escalates. For individuals, this includes considering the possibility of illness and home quarantine, and ensuring that additional non-perishable food and medication is on hand should that be the case.

Given the current situation, we realize that fear of illness and other strain may be heightened as a result of COVID-19. This is particularly true for those who travel and those who are in close contact with others in their jobs. Some may also have greater reluctance to engage in face to face interactions, even with a counselor. Please rest assured we offer video counseling, telephonic counseling and digital modalities as part of the EAP, as well as  Internet-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Please contact your LifeWorks representative with any questions or requests. If you are not a client of LifeWorks, but would like to know how we can help, visit us here to learn more about First Access Service, and specifically how our professional counseling and traumatic event support services are available to employees when they need it most.

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Our Plan and Services

COVID-19 preparedness and our support to clients - February 24, 2020 update