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It has never been more important to understand the needs of your workforce. With health and productivity risk increasing and worker wellbeing being a significant driver of turnover, the total wellbeing index will identify areas of focus and provide a robust, comprehensive picture of the health of your workforce.

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The risk level in the working population has changed 


Compared to 2019:  


High-risk alcohol use in the working population has increased from 2% of the population to 8%.


The proportion of the population considered high risk for mental health issues has increased from 13% to 34%.


29% of the population are less willing to seek physical health.

The total wellbeing index provides insight into the things that will make a difference to improve wellbeing

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The total wellbeing index shows how your workforce is doing and most importantly, what you should focus on.

Two organizations with the same mental health score could have very different drivers. The top driver of the mental health score for one organization could be negative gossip, whereas the top driver for the other organization could be coping skills. The strategies for each would be different. Knowing what your organization’s strategy should be is important for your success.

Interested in knowing your Workplace Strategy Index for Mental Health score for your organization?

Workplace mental health is central to the wellbeing of employees and organizations. The Workplace Strategy Index for Mental Health (WSI-MH) provides a way to measure what your organization is doing to support workplace mental health, and recommendations to improve your strategy.

The total mental health assessment addresses all areas of wellbeing

In addition to mental, physical, social and financial health, the total wellbeing index offers additional assessment modules.

Options are available for: 

  • The impact of diversity equity and inclusion issues on your people
  • Psychological health and safety in the workplace 
  • Benchmarking your workforce against the mental health index for your region 
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TELUS Health (formerly LifeWorks) offers options for the total wellbeing index to ensure that your needs are met

The total wellbeing index assessment within the wellbeing platform

In addition to the report and analytics for the overall organization, this option offers a report for each respondent along with guidance and resources that are “one click away” within the TELUS Health (formerly LifeWorks) app.  

The total wellbeing index assessment outside of the wellbeing platform

This option offers the opportunity to get the value of the total wellbeing index, even if you are not currently working with TELUS Health (formerly LifeWorks) or not currently leveraging the wellbeing platform.  

Improving lives. Improving business.