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Occupational health and safety statement



LifeWorks is committed to the health, safety and well-being of all our employees. In fulfilling this commitment, LifeWorks aims to provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for all employees in compliance with legislative requirements and industry standards.



LifeWorks management and its employees equally share responsibility for reducing accidents, injuries and illnesses by performing jobs in a safe and healthy manner.

All LifeWorks managers and supervisors are responsible for ensuring that their employees are provided with a safe work environment. Management is accountable for ensuring that employees use safe work practices and receive training to protect their health and safety. LifeWorks, through all levels of management, will co-operate with the organization’s Joint Health and Safety Committee and employees to create a healthy and safe work environment.

Safety is also every colleague’s responsibility. It is the duty of all employees of LifeWorks to report to their supervisor, manager, or JHSC committee member as soon as possible, any hazardous conditions, injury, accident, or illness related to the workplace. Every colleague must ensure his or her own safety by working in compliance with applicable Acts and Regulations and follow policies, procedures, rules and instructions as established by LifeWorks.

LifeWorks endeavors to integrate health and safety practices into the organization’s planning, decision making and business processes. The management team will provide active leadership and support for health and safety. The success of our health and safety management system requires commitment, continuous improvement and active involvement of all personnel to foster a safe work environment.