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TELUS Health launches Total Mental Health with continuous coordinated access to mental health support for organizations across the United States

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TELUS Health launches Total Mental Health with continuous coordinated access to mental health support for organizations across the United States

Companies supporting the mental health of its workforce can now provide comprehensive, personalized, always-on support

NEW YORK CITY – Today, TELUS Health announced the launch of Total Mental Health - an innovative solution that provides employees with access to a team of care professionals who will curate personal care journeys with continuous mental health counseling, therapist led iCBT programs, digital tools, assessments, and ongoing tracking and feedback. Accessible by employees through their company’s health benefits, Total Mental Health leverages TELUS Health’s world-leading technology to offer a one-stop app for mental health support through a dedicated team of care navigators and a large and diverse network of counselors. 

Mental health challenges in the workplace have reached crisis levels for companies across the U.S. In fact, our Mental Health Index shows that right now, 23 percent of workers in the U.S. have a high mental health risk and 41 percent have a moderate risk,” said Neil King, Managing Director, Employer Solutions, TELUS Health. “Total Mental Health was designed to address the current crisis and reduce common barriers so employees can more easily access high-quality, personalized mental health care, whenever and wherever they need it - and be supported every step of the way.”

Total Mental Health provides:

  • Immediate support so employees are free to connect with TELUS Health mental health professionals 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year if they are experiencing a mental health concern.
  • Continuous counseling that is delivered as often as needed and however an employee chooses whether that’s in person, via telephone/audio or through video or online chat.
  • Personalized care journeys developed in partnership with care navigators who understand the full spectrum of benefits available to ensure every employee has a care plan that’s unique to them and easily adaptable if their needs change.
  • Easy-to-use digital tools allow employees to practice and learn on their own or between sessions, track their mental health progress and receive regular feedback from their care team.

“As a clinician who has spent many years working with people experiencing mental health challenges, I can say with certainty that there is a significant benefit to services like this within the workplace,” said Dr. Matthew Chow, Chief Mental Health Officer, TELUS Health. “Continuous counseling that can be designed and accessed at any time in many different ways is the innovative approach we need to help employees who are struggling and feeling like their mental health is vulnerable.”

This launch further supports TELUS Health’s mission of becoming the most trusted wellbeing company in the world and its impactful moves to introduce novel industry-leading solutions that meet users where they prefer, whether that’s virtually or in person, with the goal of enabling connection between physical, mental and financial wellbeing.

The most recent TELUS Health Mental Health Index shows that while mental health is improving in the U.S., many workers are still not getting the support they need and suffer in silence. In addition, at least 30 percent of workers who described themselves as having poor mental health believe their friends/family, co-workers and managers perceive their mental health to be strong. The Index also found that workers without emergency savings are nearly four times more likely than workers with emergency savings to rate their mental health as very low or in crisis, a critical statistic as the U.S. faces inflation, high interest rates and a looming recession.

Our research found that workers that rated their mental health as poor have work productivity scores more than 39 points below the national average. This is concerning for organizations nationally as they assess the impact on productivity and operations, while at the same time, determine the best ways to support their employees,” added Chow. “Innovative solutions are needed to address our growing mental health crisis, and employers have an opportunity to create a stronger, healthier workforce, which in turn will improve total wellbeing across the country.”

Total Mental Health also includes remarkable features of wellbeing that help employees navigate personal or work-related issues from financial counselling, legal support and nutrition to child and elder care solutions. To learn more about how TELUS Health Total Mental Health can support your staff, and for a demo, please visit:

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