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Social wellbeing: feel connected 


Keep your employees connected with a personalized news feed of wellbeing content that matches their interests and keeps them engaged with your company culture. 

Mobile Screenshot: Keep your employees connected with a personalized news feed

Access exclusive, snackable wellbeing content 

Personalized content from the world’s leading experts encourages your employees into making “baby steps” that become meaningful changes in their lives. 

Articles, videos and podcasts on body, mind, personal finances, relationships and work, help your people preventatively maintain their total wellbeing. 

Mobile Screenshot: Personalized content encourages employees into making steps to changes in their lives
Mobile Screenshot: create new team

Keep everyone connected and informed 

Create a community news hub with targeted posts and push notifications. Share and distribute important HR benefits, employee offers and business communications. With the whole company on news feed, people can also post their own personal and team news and achievements.

Get to know your colleagues

The directory is a who’s who of everyone in your organization. An easy-to-use directory, it provides access to employee profiles, headshots and contact details allowing you to text, email or call people directly. 

Increase engagement with push notifications

Push notifications boost app engagement by 88% (localytics data team). Drive persistent participation among employees, even when they are not actively using the solution, with push notifications that drive them to engage with the app on a more regular basis. 

Celebrate and reward outstanding performance 

Say “thank you” to your most valued people for doing great work and inspiring others with flexible, on-the-spot rewards of their choice, directly linked to employee-led recognition. 

Use the leaderboard as a powerful gamification tool for recognition activity and company-wide initiatives. 

Mobile Screenshot: Newsfeed a tool for employee recognition activity

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