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LifeWorks Learning

Develop key skill sets and solve critical workplace issues in your organization. Empower your employees to better manage pressure, conflict, and change as you provide the learning tools for enhanced workplace leadership and management development. Communicate and reinforce best practices for better and more consistent organizational performance.

Give employees the knowledge and skills they need to succeed

Your organization has likely experienced the critical need for ongoing learning and development to address evolving business requirements and workplace issues. The skills and knowledge gap within your workforce can pose a serious risk to the performance of your business, especially as those filling management roles in your organization are becoming younger and need more training.

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Diversity of learning areas to address your workplace priorities

LifeWorks is a leader in providing mental health and leadership training to organizations of all types and sizes. Our variety of learning covers areas from leading a balanced, healthy lifestyle to improving productivity at work, and even managing critical workplace incidents. Multiple learning formats and delivery options provide knowledge to your employees in the most convenient, effective way possible.

  • Workplace mental health: Leading workplace mental health for over 30 years, LifeWorks provides the expertise and learning opportunities that create psychologically healthy workplaces for your employees.
  • Specialized learning: Targeted learning programs are designed to support workplace engagement, including our keynote speakers’ bureau and online learning module video library.
  • Intercultural learning: Maximize your diverse workforce’s and their families’ intercultural competency for quicker integration into new environments through enhanced understanding, communication and teamwork.
  • Workplace development: Consultation, education, and services focus on resolving critical challenges in order to develop a healthier workplace.

" The material was very useful and the facilitator was very knowledgeable and helping to gain a better understanding of mental health in the workplace. "

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Custom learning and development for your workforce

Our Workplace Learning Solutions are not a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter experience. Depending upon the format and curriculum needs of your organization, we will customize the learning opportunities that fit your needs today and as they evolve. Learning content customization is available on a wide variety of topics to achieve specific goals and outcomes.

Workforce learning and development for business impact

To address the opportunities and challenges within your industry, market and organization, you need the most robust learning and development platform possible that evolves with your business. LifeWorks Workplace Learning Solutions offer the comprehensive knowledge and learning resources that cover all of your organization’s needs, including:

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Mental health

Often invisible, mental health issues in the workplace are a widespread, costly problem. Through training, your people can address mental health and illness in the workplace with confidence and best practice.


Learning to adapt to changing circumstances and bounce back from challenges and stress is a critical skill for success.

Critical incidents

Equip employees with effective training before a critical incident occurs in the workplace as a key strategy for positive outcomes.

Team development

Working with you we will develop learning options to create better cohesiveness, performance, and engagement within your organizational teams.


Provide the skills needed to enable productive mentoring and guidance.


Enable employees to navigate through conflict and come to positive resolutions.


Deliver the vital learning to help develop employees into leaders, and increase capabilities of existing leadership, especially for new or younger management staff.

" Simple straight to the point information that will make an impact on healthy workplace. "

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Multiple learning format options for different learning styles

Each of us learns in different ways, so your employees require options to access different learning styles and formats within your development platform. LifeWorks delivers several engaging options that ensure maximum retention and knowledge transfer based on the combination of delivery methods your organization requires.

  • Instructor-led classrooms: Foster relationships among peers and provide real-time facilitator feedback in our most popular format.
  • e-Learning: Available 24/7 allowing employees to learn at their own pace.
  • Webinars: Interactive, online sessions led by a facilitator, especially beneficial for virtual, remote or shift workers.
  • Seminars: Typically one-hour sessions, our seminars build awareness on the specific topic. Seminars are appropriate and engaging for team events, annual meetings, lunch and learns, and more.
  • Workshops: Typically half- to full-day experiences, workshops provide a more in-depth learning experience. Specific learning outcomes are delivered, including best practice techniques for positive workplace impact.

" Good content, very good facilitator, great format, really enjoyed the conversations & sharing best practices. "

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Work with our network of expert facilitators, coaches, investigators, and mediators

Our workplace learning consultants match the right facilitators, coaches, investigators, and mediators to your needs and culture for the ideal learning solution:

  • Facilitators: Our expert facilitators have the experience and enthusiasm necessary to bring about positive group interaction and outcome-based learning.
  • Coaches: Our network of professional coaches is affiliated with the International Coaches Federation, a non-profit organization made up of members and professionals who provide coaching support and advance the coaching profession through programs and standards.
  • Investigators: Our investigating consultants have many years of experience in their field and possess untarnished reputations with regards to fairness and balance of judgment.
  • Mediators: Our mediators are committed to the development and promotion of dispute resolution services, and excellence in the field.

More services to complement Workplace Learning Solutions

Learn about our other innovative, integrated solutions

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