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Internet-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (iCBT)

1 in 5 employees will experience a mental illness in any given year.
For employees, this can mean trouble concentrating at work, feeling helpless and alone, or needing to take time off. For organizations, untreated mental health issues can drive costs related to productivity, absences, and disability claims.

Introducing AbilitiCBT

AbilitiCBT is Internet-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (iCBT) guided by a professional therapist through a digital platform accessible anywhere.

AbilitiCBT combines the convenience of virtual access with the same benefits of in-person therapy to provide meaningful mental health support to people struggling with a variety of conditions, such as anxiety, depression, pain management and many others.

AbilitiCBT also includes a program specifically designed to address anxiety symptoms related to the COVID-19 pandemic, with content tailored to its uniquely challenging aspects: uncertainty, isolation, caring for family and community members, information overload and stress management.

Why choose LifeWorks' AbilitiCBT

It works.

AbilitiCBT is clinically effective. It starts with a needs assessment through an online questionnaire and consultation with a professional therapist — either by phone or video. Individuals move through 10 modules, at their own pace, while the therapist tracks and monitors progress. There are scheduled check-ins along the way by phone, video or messaging.

It’s accessible from home.

AbilitiCBT is a convenient way to provide support to your people from the comfort and privacy of their home. AbilitiCBT is accessed through the AbilitiCBT app, using a smartphone or tablet, or on a computer using the web version. AbilitiCBT complies with Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) 2.0.

It’s supported by experts.

AbilitiCBT therapists are regulated health professionals or members of a professional college/association. All AbilitiCBT therapists:

  • Are registered social workers or psychotherapists
  • Have successfully completed an intensive screening process with reference checks
  • Are well-versed and experienced CBT practitioners

It’s confidential.

LifeWorks handles all requests and progress tracking. Personal information is never shared.

Watch this video for an introduction to LifeWorks’ AbilitiCBT program


How AbilitiCBT compares to other iCBT products

What to look for in an iCBT solution How AbilitiCBT delivers
Breadth of programs
  • Supports a variety of conditions, such as anxiety, depression, grief and loss, trauma and many others
Quality of user experience
  • Consumer-grade platform and mobile app with digital education, videos and assignments/challenges, engaging visuals and streamlined text
  • Optimized screening process with dynamic questionnaire that reduces completion time while ensuring accuracy with robust algorithms
  • Counseling offered through messaging, video or phone; user can determine frequency of check-ins

Strength of therapist support

  • Supported by a large network of qualified therapists
  • Therapists actively involved throughout the program (vs. only being available upon request)
  • Therapists trained to encourage completion of program for maximum results
  • Users have access to a dedicated 24/7/365 crisis line overseen by master level LifeWorks clinicians (vs. being referred to 911 or emergency rooms)
Speed of access
  • Users are provided immediate access to first module upon completion of online screening questionnaire
  • Therapist typically reaches out within 24 hours of screening completion for a first check in – LifeWorks’ large network of therapists allows them to handle high volumes of cases at any given time

Want to learn more?

Email us at for more information or a free consultation. Please note this inbox is for business inquiries.

Download our AbilitiCBT solution overview here.