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A transformational journey. LifeWorks becomes TELUS Health. Visit our About Us page to learn more.

As the world’s largest employee assistance provider, we create innovative wellbeing solutions so all team members can perform their best and stay at work

After completing counseling



Of employees achieve personal goals.


Drop in absenteeism.

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Our comprehensive EAP counseling maintains the wellbeing, health and, therefore, job performance of each employee.

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Confidential, professional support


Offering an employee assistance program means that your staff has access to a safe, confidential resource to manage stressful circumstances and personal issues. Around-the-clock access to professional assessments and counseling is a tremendous asset for employees navigating complex life challenges like finances, relationships, retirement and health concerns.  

We are not your average EAP

We are:  

Best in class:

Our deep network of counselors and affiliates are trained in areas such as social work, psychology and human services – and are ready to help employees at any point in their life journey. 

Close at hand:

Our services are available across the globe, with a digital platform and app in more than 40 languages, to help families manage work, health and life challenges.

Universally accessible:

Employees can access the right counselors in whatever mode they feel most comfortable – video, chat, group, telephone or in-person.  

63% of new users to our 24/7 Care Access Centre say they would not have reached out for support through more traditional means
Rich in resources:

This EAP includes custom content, ranging from toolkits and resources to videos and podcasts, complete with advice on managing specific health risks. 


Everyone’s situation is unique, and our 24/7 Care Access Centre will carefully assess each employee’s needs, provide immediate support and, when necessary, triage an employee to the right counselor. 

Effective for critical incidents:

Organizations can tap real-time clinical support in the event of traumatic or violent incidents on both a global (e.g. natural disaster) and intimate (workplace accident) scale.  

Our comprehensive EAP maintains the wellbeing, health and, therefore, job performance of each employee.

Improving lives. Improving business.