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Drive engagement

As an organization it’s important to ask – while you improve your organization are you improving peoples’ lives? This is a question critical for competitive advantage in today’s environment. People have needs and expectations and are more willing than ever to change organizations to meet those needs. Driving engagement through your organization’s programs should be an ongoing focus for optimum satisfaction, improved health, and enhanced productivity.

Better engagement leads to better health and productivity

The health and productivity of the people you serve is directly affected by their engagement level. Without the programs and technology that provide a compelling experience with the options they want, they will not be able to successfully address their health challenges or productivity goals. LifeWorks delivers the expertise, support and choices so your people will experience increased engagement and satisfaction leading to
improved health and productivity.

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Modern employee assistance that meets people wherever they are on their journey

For a wellbeing initiative to be successful, it needs to drive persistent engagement. That’s not just how often the tool is used, but how it’s used – whether people are enjoying the experience and seeing outcomes from their interaction. Tech-driven wellbeing delivers a best-in-class user experience, while the mobile-first platform gives employees a set of powerful wellness tools that they can access anytime, anywhere, encouraging them to make small, daily improvements. How do we drive 55 – 62% participation with LifeWorks Total Wellbeing? Through personalization, which delivers personalized, daily bite-sized wellbeing content of your choice on the News Feed; through persistence – Stay connected with your team no matter where you work with push notifications and emails via the app; and through simplicity – Find the right service and wellbeing content for every moment, on every device. All in one place, with one login.

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Wellness solutions that help participants take ownership of their health

Imagine a highly sophisticated, enterprise-ready, wellbeing platform that combines modern employee assistance, wellness, recognition and incentive programs into a unified total wellbeing solution that people everywhere love to use. A trusted place for them to access personalized content around areas they want to improve in their life, one that’s brimming with easy to read, easy to digest and easy to implement solutions that can be put into practice right away. A place to take health assessments that guide them to make positive lifestyle changes through engaging, habit-changing challenges. A social news feed for company milestones and peer recognition that makes everyone feel more connected and informed, no matter where they work.

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Workplace Learning Solutions

Every organization needs to ensure they are equipping their employees to deal with evolving business requirements and workplace issues. Without this type of support and training, employees can easily disengage. Enhance the skills and build leadership within your workforce with our Workplace Learning Solutions. Covering a depth of learning options from leading through change to recognizing mental health concerns, and thriving under pressure, our Workplace Learning Solutions enable you to elevate your workforce to meet the challenges in your organization and be equipped for the evolving environment in which you operate.

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Make your programs clear and compelling with Benefits Administration

If your plan participants are not engaging with your benefits programs, the likely cause is complexity and confusion. Increase benefits utilization and appreciation by participants with our Benefits Administration solutions. We help you deliver clear, consistent and timely communication to participants so they understand their choices, what they need to do and when. Plus, we provide holistic content and support tools so they can make informed choices, all within a simpler, more streamlined user experience. Participants find it easier to engage with your benefits programs through multiple access points based on participant device preference, so your benefits work the way your participants need them to work. And, our expert support that is always available for your participants simplifies benefit complexity for a more engaging, positive experience.

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A full offering of integrated supplemental and lifestyle benefits employees love

Every employee is unique. Why not offer benefits that enable them to customize additional coverages to satisfy their unique needs and lifestyles? LifeWorks provides voluntary benefits designed to change and grow with your organization’s needs. We continuously add new products to our integrated, end-to-end solution for supplemental and lifestyle benefits and employee discounts. With an option for a customized employer sponsored group voluntary benefits package or an off-the-shelf digital lifestyle benefits marketplace, we’ve got you covered and can deliver the products and services that employees want most.

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Help participants solve retirement riddles with our Pension Administration solution

The journey towards retirement includes many important decisions, many options and a need for a clear understanding of all the relevant considerations. A successful retirement starts with participants being fully engaged in the process and equipped with the information and support they need. Our Pension Administration solutions provide participants with the expert resources they need to help them get past the complexity of retirement, understand the choices they need to make and support them through the whole process. With clear communications that drive participants to the information they need when they need it, they’re able to make timely decisions. As with Benefits Administration, we offer an improved online participant experience based on providing access options that make sense for them. The simpler, more streamlined user experience we deliver helps participants to engage and stay connected with their retirement options for a better experience and more secure future.

Drive engagement at your organization