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Absence Management

Managing employee absences is an increasingly complex, time-consuming task. State, Federal and Municipal regulations are continually evolving, presenting significant challenges to maintaining compliance in an efficient, cost-effective manner. LifeWorks' AbilitiAbsence solution is one platform to streamline and track all your absence data in one place, helping you avoid compliance violations.

Effective reporting for all absence types

AbilitiAbsence delivers an absence reporting service for all incidence types, including FMLA, casual absence, vacation, leaves of absence, and disability. The most robust solution in the industry, no other solution tracks all of the various leave types and allows people leaders to gain the full picture of absence in their organization in one place.

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Instant access to real-time leave of absence information

AbilitiAbsence gives people leaders instant access to real-time absence information. Whatever the reason for employee absence, including paid time off (PTO), vacation, sick time and leaves, you can be informed in real-time, and your compliance and workforce needs can be met.

Employees have the option to report any absence 24/7 (planned or unplanned) through multiple modalities. Regardless of the method for reporting the absence, all data feeds into one centralized system allowing for automatic notification to all stakeholders. This workflow automation reduces time for administration and gives you valuable insight to your- ultimately reducing costs.

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Automated workflows to reduce administrative time and cost

AbilitiAbsence includes automated workflows that allow for notification to all stakeholders, significantly reducing time and cost for program administration. Streamlined data and information reporting is available via our easy-to-use dashboard which results in more meaningful insights that can guide your program strategies as well as program evaluation.

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Built-in time bank management and payroll integration

AbilitiAbsence allows your organization to set up multiple time banks and enable rules that allow employees to automatically deduct time against those banks. This is useful for Paid Family Leave (PFL) tracking and improves compliance for tracking of intermittent and concurrent leaves. People leaders can more easily manage the rules of utilizing the various time banks, with the system managing employee deduction against those banks using the built-in rules. The result is improved administration and compliance. AbilitiAbsence integrates with most payroll systems, and updates the employee’s status in real-time which removes any added administration.

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More informed decisions based on timely information and optimized workflows

Real-time dashboard and reporting analytics allows your people leaders to identify trends and risks across your organization for informed business decisions and optimized labor strategy. With a more complete picture, you are able to implement process improvements further improving administrative productivity and streamlining related costs. For example, in many organizations it is a small percentage of employees that make up a large volume of total absences, AbilitiAbsence can help identify those problem areas with consistent, timely tracking of absence data.

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