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A transformational journey. LifeWorks becomes TELUS Health. Visit our About Us page to learn more.

Make sense of complex cases and medical issues while mitigating risk, maximizing savings and streamlining administrative work.

We use our experience and expertise to deliver complete front-end solutions

    • Federal and state custom leave management
    • SaaS solution with co-sourcing
    • Automated absence reporting
    • Self-funded short-term disability
    • ADA accommodations management
    • PTO bank management

    Instant access to real-time absence information


    Integrates your employee absence data in a single centralized hub


    Best-in-class case management for occupational and non-occupational absences

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    million lives

    Supported by our absence management team.


    With our absence and disability programs.


    On average 23% reduction in absence duration. 

    The best absence management is early intervention and prevention 

    Solutions emphasize total employee wellbeing and customized support, risk of absence is minimized and return to work timeframes are shortened.

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    Managing complexity doesn’t have to be complicated

    Technology solutions to improve the administration of all absence management programs
    Mitigate risk, maximize savings
    Case management administration linked to measurable organizational goals
    Make sense of complex cases and medical issues, identifying the root cause and providing the right support at the right time for the right issues
    Strategically target the most common causes of absenteeism to accelerate employee recovery and return-to-work timelines
    Trends, reporting and insights to evaluate and inform your absence management strategy

    Put our technology to work


    Our proprietary software platform ensures employers have the data they need to track and manage casual absence, disability leave and workers’ compensation in real time. It includes:

    • Integrated data
    • Real-time reporting and trends  

    Our industry leading Abiliti software provides a comprehensive perspective on attendance across the organization, combining casual absences, incidents, and long-term leaves. It also enables proactive case management and early intervention when needed. 

    An innovative program that provides proactive health screening for employees, streamlined assessment and recovery support, and detailed reporting for case managers and health practitioners.

    Guidance and professional expertise in policy development

    Team meeting around a boardroom table

    We partner with our clients to carefully plan and design absence management strategies that are compliant with all legislation and industry best practices, delivering measurable outcomes for plan sponsors, people leaders and employees.

    Improving lives. Improving business.